Sunday, June 24, 2018

2018 June

This month has been notably a remarkable celebration of Father's Day, as the world watched the meeting between the leaders of The United States of America and North Korea which took place a week before Father's Day. Both men represented their nation, setting aside differences to pursue the "Gentleman Shake" and take "Baby Steps" to bridge the gap where our forefathers had left off. 

Chivalry and courage to stand up for the people are traits of a great man, and no matter what the odds are nor how uncompromising such grounds unfold, a true ruler leads with conviction to resolve matters and create camaraderie among his fellowmen.

Probably a lot of eyebrows were raised and several speculations were made due to the unconventional personalities of the two Presidents, however, both Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim took the initiative to end the customary politics and make a new chapter in history.

Anyway, on the lighter side of this month, women in the Middle East are allowed again to drive motor vehicles. The ban which was previously imposed to prevent women to drive cars had just been uplifted and now widely promoted to further boost recognition of women's rights in the region. Acknowledging that the millenial society is a milestone ahead of its' generation; a salute to humanity!

2018 June